ASCIS 2021: Calculate me – not just only programming, but everyone should have money

Hello everyone,

I’m from the IDK IDK IDK team, the only non-Vietnamese team that can complete the ASCIS 2021 1st round “Calculate me.”
This write-up wants to show you our technique and how to calculate and submit the result before the timeout reached (5 seconds).
For the first time, we have created Python Script to connect to the server and calculate results and then reply.
However, it was always timed out.

So I was perplexed as to why the script was not fast enough.

The ASCIS 2021 Server IP address is, and it is hosted by Viettel.
The round trip time from Thailand is ~70ms, and from Singapore is ~50ms.

Singapore RTT (DigitalOcean)


Thailand RTT (Kasetsart U.


I believe that the timeout may be insufficient to complete all math problems.
As a result, I chose to rent a new server from Viettel IDC.


We spent 858,000VND (~37.73USD) for three months of Cloud Server rental.


RTT is merely ~1-2ms at Viettel IDC Cloud Server; thus, I can run my script and retrieve the flag in time.


Gotcha! The flag has been revealed. ASCIS{3v3ry0n3_sh0uld_kn0w_pr0gramm1ng}


After that, I discovered that there were 256 math problems, and the timeout was set to 5 seconds (which I later found that the ASCIS 2021 organizer had increased to 10 seconds)

If we perform the math using Singapore RTT.

256*50ms = 12.8 seconds

Even a Singapore server cannot accomplish this amount of tasks in time.

So not only everyone should know to program. But everyone should live in Vietnam or have sufficient funds to pay the Vietnam Cloud Provider.

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